Foreign students (Erasmus+ exchange)

Welcome to Faculty for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (FERI)!

In our Faculty there are two big groups of students who are a kind of support system to other students in the Faculty and are strengthening direct contacts between students and teachers and between students, teachers and FERI as a whole.

The Student Council is an official body of the Faculty. The President and leader of the Student Council is the Associate Dean for students` affairs, who is working with a representative from every class. Students work for students, which means that members:

  • Solve problems associated with students,
  • Advocate for the welfare of students,
  • Organise events,
  • Contribute to a student-friendly Faculty and higher quality studies.

The second group are students` tutors. The purpose of the tutoring system at FERI is the successful integration of students in the university environment, solving problems (general and specific) of students and helping with study questions.

That your integration in our Faculty and University environment would be easier we have two student tutors esepcially for Erasmus+ students.