Foreign students

Associate dean for Students Affairs FERI

Student Gregor Nikolić


Welcome to Faculty for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (FERI)!

On our faculty are two big groups of student, which are connected with all student on faculty. First group is Student Council which is body of faculty. The Student Council of the FERI comprises the associate dean for students affairs and a representative from every class. Students work for students, which means that members:

• solve problems associated with students,
• advocate for the welfare of students,
• contribute to a student-friendly and higher quality studies.

Members meet at regular, extraordinary or correspondence sessions convened by the associate dean for Student Affairs; the associate dean is currently Gregor Nikolić. Students can participate in the faculty bodies, give opinions, suggestions and comments, so that their voice is always present.

The second group are students tutors which help students on our faculty to deal with university environment. They help students to resolve problems which come up in time when they are studying at our faculty.

If you have any questions about faculty, studying on faculty, about bodies or anything else please contact any of us:

Student Council or Tutors